Selfish is the new Goodness.

Let’s be selfish!

It’s like a game, be selfish but only do good things. Stuff that’ll make other people happy while also promoting a peaceful, calm, delighted life!

Let’s be selfish and give some food to the poor. So that we can get the satisfaction that we have paid for our sins. Yes, let’s be selfish and share food with your friends! And also with the hungry people whom you repel. Share your meal to make them FAT!

Let’s be selfish and share some clothes to the ones in need. Not because you want to (That’s a crappy reason) but pretend that you want to. Because you love yourself and have heard helping the ones in need sends you to heaven. And who wants a fiery scorch mark on their bum from the devil’s spear?

Do things for the welfare of your community, be a kind leader. Not because you want to guide people out of the darkness and into the light, nothing like that obviously. But because you wanna see your self at the top and be bossy and what better way to do it?

Give some spare change to a homeless guy, not because you sympathise, NO. But because you want God to remember you as a kind and generous guy so he’ll take care of you in the afterlife. Now that’s a deal you can’t afford to miss. That guy will give you compliments, praise you.

Do good. World will be happy, not that it matters but think about it like this: More good you do, more they’ll be interested in you. No worries of what they’ll talk about behind your back. It’ll be showering compliments everywhere! Respect? You’ll be getting all of that. So c’mon, be nice. Be helpful, be ever ready  for some goodness. I would never ask you to do this if there was any other option! You want to impress people, kiss butts of your superiors? Do that! But yeah make sure it helps you develop a good environment.

Because well, we might not know it yet in our small little world. But we’re in this big vast universe of ours. There’s only so little of goodness left. Benevolence is in short supply these days. So be a good person, no matter your intentions.

Trust me, there are several perks of being a good, kind person. So please be that. Intentions mattered back in the day when world was a little simpler. Less Entropy. Nobody cares how bad your agenda is until or unless it helps them. That’s where we are now. Pretend to be a wholesome person, while doing some stuff that a wholesome being would do.

Never thought I’d have to put it this way to convince people to be nice to others. But hell, let’s hope this works.

(Also, if it’s not too much to ask, be a wholesome, selfless person for no reason at all.)



6 thoughts on “Selfish is the new Goodness.”

  1. Great post! Maybe that’s the only way to reach out to the world. You could also include: Be good to people, because there’s a high chance for them to return your favors. 😉


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