Fail. Trust me you gonna.

Something we, a family of 7 Billion have in common is that we fail. If you haven’t experienced it yet, try doing something awesome then wait and see. Although it’s better not to think of it as a defeat. I think it’s better we suffer this distasteful mercy than to pass with no hurdles.

Failing is mandatory, because only then you learn the worth of victory when you earn it. You’ll be humble to your enemy who lost , because that’s where you once were.

We work a lot to achieve success, but only when we fail we realise something was missing. We at our lowest understand that there is another realm that we arrive at when we fail, somewhere we were afraid to be a part of. So finally when we leave it, we know how important it is to be part of it every now and then.

Failing is a compulsion because only after experiencing it will you work harder to create your success and then you’ll try to make that success compulsory.


To be that perfect sparkle, you first need to shatter yourself.

As they say failure cannot make you until it breaks you. You find new ways to cope up with it, you rethink whether what you valued for was right or not.

Feels like the end of the line? Okay. -But do you want to end it that way?


Failure is a necessity because people who don't encounter it might get success
But the one's who do will certainly earn their triumph.





































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