“tête-à-tête”, on google it says this means:

  • 1a private conversation between two people.
So honestly, what I’m gonna talk about is something we do but don’t talk much about. Yeah, talking. I mean “Conversation”. I’m gonna converse about conversation.
[Needless to say I wanted to give a fancy title so I went through the facile trouble of finding new synonyms of conversation. 😛
NOTE: Facile=easy || See, addicted to fancy words. College.. ughh  Do forgive me]


Gonna keep it extremely brief.. try to.

Yes, Conversations, a medium of communication. An act played from the very moment humans made a language of their own, well duh.
Conversations, gossips, small talks, pick up lines, pick up lines which get you slapped..again and again. All these terms are just methods of communication.
Conversation are so very important. I mean have a look at this awesome guy named “sarcasm”.
Sarcasm, Because beating the crap out of people is illegal.
Everybody loves sarcasm right? Until used against you obviously.
I’m gonna keep it brief because I don’t have much productive to say this time? Absolutely!
Wait I’m no good at being sarcastic so nope that might not be what I intended to say.
Conversations come in our life description, birthright-maybe, birth-defect-sure. Conversations start war and also maintain peace.
“Let’s talk about it”Peace
“We need to talk”War
To make my conversation more effective just try to remember each of your friend, neighbour, even me who used that crappy pick up line on you and got slapped
Now go before, before the part where you got to know them. If perceived correctly, they-your current friends.
They were the people,
  1. You didn’t know.
  2. You had no idea what kinda crazy they were.
  3. Most importantly, They were the people you hadn't talked to.
  • Yup, they were exactly the category of people your parents told you not to talk to, aka. strangers.

Yet you sinners crossed that cute little boundary, and made your own world of friends, colleagues, besties-with-whom-you-click-100s-of -selfies.. and lay waste on this beautiful earth.

One little chit-chat to start with and now you have people on whom you rely on and even made acquaintance with people you now regret to have ever talked with, bummer?

It all started with that little hello, hi, blessing, an advice, a may-I-suggest, an argument, when you dared to ask out that adorable girl. And then she went out with you for coffee only because you didn’t resemble me. That’s when you made a new companion. Only for a moment? A few days? Years, life-time? All that. Just because you started a conversation with a person.

I’m definitely on a long wrong path if I mean to tell you to talk to any random stranger, a hobo, an ex-convict with a change of heart-maybe, an ex-convit missing in the eyes of police-Hell No! 😛

But what I say if I’m saying anything is. Don’t shut yourself out. Go explore, get to know what your “might-be-fate” has to offer you. Socialise, be open, be good, I believe sometimes the answer to your problems is within the memories and experiences of the other person.

Do approach first if you really wanna, it won’t show how desperate you are if anybody says so, but shows how easy-going you are with yourself and people around you. Not careless but carefree, have a conversation with every kinda entity you wish to. And even the ones you’d never even think to open a conversation with, who knows you might get lucky and enjoy

And most Importantly, be yourself. Be the conversation you want to be, not the one the other person likes to be. You have no idea how much you’ll get to know and feel.

Do chit-chat !

First convos are always so fascinating. I love the way it goes from stranger-who-doesn’t-talk to stranger-who’s-now-speaking-to-me to “awkward-silence-with-stranger” to It was Fun getting to know him!!

Do tell me if you have such great stories and awkward introductions and weird first talks.

Do look me up of Insta!


bye! 😀


3 thoughts on “tête-à-tête”

  1. Meeting for the first time in life and acting all shy just because we don’t want to insult ourselves😛 and later becoming the weirdest best friends for life!! All this can happen when we approach first!!
    Very well written!👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m definitely a conversationalist. I run conversation groups with seniors. I came out talking, when most babies came out crying. I talk to people everywhere I go, and let me tell you it’s a great way to travel through the minds of your fellow human being. It may only be in line at the grocery store. No, I don’t roll my window down at stop lights and try to converse. That would be silly and most likely dangerous. But, I do take the opportunity to enjoy other people. There are days when I swear that person needed a friendly mini-chat. I may have been that person a time or two myself. We can get so wrapped up in our own lives, our phones, our iPods, our troubles, etc. Unwrapping for a bit is better, and usually full of surprises. Everybody has a story. And most people are happy to share. I get hit up a lot as well. Sometimes I think I have a sign on my back. I guess I look approachable. So far, no one has attempted to converse that should be locked up somewhere instead. So good! My beloved Mother told me as many mothers’ have…”Don’t talk to strangers.” But as an adult, I feel I would be missing out. So I do, and it’s been enlightening, entertaining, and awe-inspiring. The way I look at it is…I could be talking to an angel, Jesus, God. He does manifest through us. So converse people. You never know…Grace may come to you this way!!!

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