Almost Home-is where I was when the ambush of war tried to annihilate my moment. Well, I should no longer lie to myself. It did obliterated me, my delight, I mean. I had to leave my wife alone in my garden just to avenge myself. I was One.

Almost Home-is where I am right now, a few years later, Now victorious. A few moments and I’ll be home. Well, I should no longer lie to myself. It won’t exactly feel home. I mean, she won’t be standing by the gate waiting for me anymore. I left her for my, revenge. She was The One.

I sent her letters, to tell her how much, war and bloodshed changed me. But not my sight, my focus. Not that she got that opportunity to open ’em up and read. I mean, The postal service was bombarded and hijacked for months, but now reclaimed back. Currently they’re setting everything up and maybe my gatekeeper must have got those letters by now. It’s good in some way I think, I read her those letters myself. That way even I’ll get to recollect all those memories of years, instead.

As he stepped down his foot on his home soil. He smiled, but with contempt. Thinking he could’ve made it better for himself years back. How his fellow mates at the battleground talked about how happy they’d probably after meeting there kids. He didn’t have kids. And shall no longer have kids with her. He doesn’t consider himself worthy of being a father anymore. For all he knows, he wasn’t the best husband either.

The Old, Gritty Gatekeeper gave him a big smile with a shredded tear. Gave him the letters and told him not to cry, for it’d be senseless. Gatekeeper patted on his shoulder, and laughed because he met not just a warrior, but almost an Avenger.

He says it’s senseless, it does seem.  For it was she who left me first. Once & For All. I only left her body beneath dirt and mud but she, She went away. No, no, snatched away. A merry soul Destroyed, by the 2nd F1 Hand Grenade thrown by ’em gruesome warlords.

I was just a peasant, and she my noblewoman. I thought I lost my will to live. But then “Yes”, she screamed while using all her life, all her spirit to put that ring onto her finger. I was injured, hurt. Could only stare at her hands. Could only gaze into her eyes until they stopped talking to me, The last thing she did was try to put that ring in her finger, and almost did it. Then I saw her fail at doing that.

He took a chair, facing her tombstone. Began reading his first letter titled,”War w-one” which was true because War won against him years back when their love lost. He didn’t return winning the battle but he arrived home almost equalling the defeat he faced.

He cried, For although absurd. After all it was their love, which didn’t get an end. Almost as if Incomplete.


7 thoughts on “Almost,”

        1. Oh yes. That.
          I think it’s because, when I write. I think of it going as a movie. Like the italics or bold or underlined.. they can make good quotes. Or something significant to the story. I feel like Morgan Freeman is narrating this 😂. Or maybe I got feelings attached to those portions.

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