Catastrophe Casket

The Smallest of the coffins,

100’s of people attend the funeral of an unknown infant found dead in Edinburgh.

Are the 


The length of Life doesn’t matter, but it’s depth does.

There’s a bollywood movie titled “Sholay” (Blockbuster classic), there’s a Hindi dialogue in it, goes something like this;

“Ek Pita par uski zindagi ka sabse bada bauj, uske aulaad ke janaaze ka hota hai.”

Roughly translated as,

The biggest burden on any father in his entire lifetime, can only be the weight of his child’s coffin, on his shoulders.

Last week, a kid in my neighbourhood died. I knew him very well, he was like 8 yr old. A nice good kid, very mischievous and full of life. Always dancing and laughing and then suddenly that little lantern who’d light up his whole family with distress! and creating menace. Just..

I was very agonised by this, I didn’t used to talk much to him. Or anything but once he came I gave him a transformers Optimus Prime Action Figure which I played with when I was his age. And only a month later this happened.

I’m really not the kind of person who blames anybody not even god. He got sick and this just happened. But this time I really want to scream and shout at the one responsible but there’s nobody.

It’s been a week and now the parent’s lives are partitioned into Before and After.

And After is equal to what Hell must be.!

I was at their house a couple of days back, and people would move one telling the parents that, “Don’t cry your child’s in a better place now. He must be happy and peaceful. Don’t be sad”

Father replied shouting at everybody in his house, ” It doesn’t matter even a little if my kid is in heaven, because even when I know he’s in heaven, It still hurts like hell here (points at his heart).Mother said,If only he could come back, I’d give him a life, more divine than heaven, more peaceful than in any nature there is, more love than her god could gather.

It seemed funny to me afterwards that how I fight to live my life happily everyday and suddenly that day I just wanted to die so that he’d be here breaking toy he sees!

Just then somebody shouted from outside the house, that these sneakers are here since more than a week, whom do they belong to. Mother looked at those and started crying again.


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