Leibster Award!

(I started wrting this the very day I was given linked, but it’s been such a hectic week. I wrote 10-15lines a day and kept on editing it every now and then.

Sorry it took long!)

So, here I am to shed a little knowledge about myself, hehe. To be honest, I had no idea about there being all these types of drill in Blogging world :p but I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks. Still a lot to learn.

I was nominated by PerfectReverie and Aena Zoraya, two very amazing bloggers whom I was lucky enough to find on WordPress. Perfectreverie has written around 5 posts, my personal favourite is “1 mistake 2 hearts break”.

On the other hand, Aena’s “Understanding takes time” is very good. I really love the way she writes!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blogs.

Yes of course a Thank you is in order! Thanks. After all you guys just interviewed me with your 11 questions. Love Itt.

2. Answer the questions.

Yupp, will do. I got 22 questions. Yippie 😅
3. Nominate 11.

At the end.

4. Ask 11 for the ones you nominate.

Totally. *opens up his physics and mathematics notes to set up questions*

*just recalled he has a biology encyclopaedia!*

HINT: Inverse trigonometric equations with integrals and by-parts and numericals related to exponential law of radioactive disintegration and reproduction in human beings diagrams might kick your ass!!


Or am I..😈
Wow. 11 sentences to describing me! That’s tooughh..and hard. And complexity is untameable!

Describing nyself , that’s something I always tend to leave in other’s hand. Woah, just made fact ##1 !

Quickly off to Itt then..

##2| Watching movies and shows is my profession! A job without salary :p but recently my holidays are going on and I’ve watched almost a hundred movies since the last 3 months ranging from English to Korean, German, Bollywood obviously. If you feel like you’ve watched an awesome movie do tell me. You have to tell me!

##3| Reading books, that’s also something I do. Every week I complete at least one. Dan Brown’s Awesome. Don’t argue. In the 2 months I read around 9 books from authors like Paulo Coelho, Ashwin Sanghi, Robert Ludlum and a couple more. I don’t consider myself “reading a lot guy” Because reading imagination of an author is never enough.

##4| Snooker, basketball, I might be the skinniest guy you must have seen but U love playing. It’s the idea of jumping here and there that makes me have fun :p . I;m an Indian. So yeah, Cricket obviously!


Travelling is also fun.

Yeah, Many a times I just take my moped and get outta my house to find some new “secret” place in my city.

##6| I do photography every now and then. Actually I didn’t have much interest in clicking photos. But my brother did. So he bought one for himself which he hardly ever used. So I took his cam. I kept it with me. Then suddenly I love arresting beauty in my Camera!

Me, My brother. A year ago. No edits.
##7| Greatest problem I think we all can face is making a decision. For me it also gets difficult for me to decide whether to decide with this decision or that decision. Yeah but asking my papa for money is harder :p

##8| Tumbling in decide what to tell next, yeah that’s a fact!


(They’re all so fascinating!)

##10| People say I brag a lot but what to do?! I’m so Awesome that whatever I say seems like I’m bragging!

Yeah, last sentence. I was bragging a bit there.

11| God’s Perfect Idiot.

If you’re more interested, which seems highly unlikely. You can checkout my Insta  zaiyd._

Okay, now the 11 questions by Perfectreverie. Great questions by the way!

1. What song do you most connect with on a personal level?

Arey yaar! Unable to choose anyone. Upar se tumhe toh pata hi hoga. Ab mai bhi indian hi hu. So bollywood songs bhi honge na! 🙂

2. Avengers or X-men?

3 words:: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

3. Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

Now at the climax portion, there isn’t a team that I could decide to be with because Although Winter Soldier was controlled by Hydra when he killed Stark’s parents. Stark did lose his parents. His mother. He had nobody to throw that rage onto. And so he antagonised The Winter Soldier! Meanwhile, Cap was just saving his friend! The only guy who knew what Steve went through during his childhood days. It was a very dilemma filled conundrum!

But yeah, I entered the theatre. Quoting to one of my friends, ” You chose the wrong side.” So now you know what side I was at first.

4. What is one dream you’ve always had?

To get better.

5. Favourite quote you’ve heard and why?

  • I am the fight,

           I’m the darkness surrounding the light;

          It might be divine,

         But it is the blindness in sight

Because I thought of this one myself.

Technically I love myself, so..  .

6. If you were famous, what would you most likely be famous about?

I’d be famous of always finding techniques up my sleeve to get better at whatever it is that I’ll do.

7. What is one thing that can make you happy on a bad day?

Everything that in general can be termed as ‘good’. Because when I have a bad day. My eyes scan the entire tri-state area for anything that’s good. Or good enough.

P.S. Usually find it in the mirror. :p

8. One thing that motivates you to do better?

Looking at myself when I’m not what I can be when I take risks.

9. Who is one person you’ve always looked up to?

As much as I am a fan of myself. My brother is the answer this time.

10. What is one thing you can’t live without?


Kidding, A lot of things, from my kindergarten school diary to a “technically much more important”- driving licence. I don’t wanna lose any of that and several things that come in between that scale.

11. And the most important, what is your favourite thing about yourself?

I love myself because sometimes I do what’s good for everybody. Sometimes a step back but if it’s right. What I believe in doing more is, Teaching myself goodness when I do something wrong. In a gist, To hate myself, feel guilty- that’s allowed. But to not hate myself even when the whole world does. Instead I teach myself why that is and lesson myself to make it right. I become my own parent, my own Protégé.


Aena Zoraya, Time to answer your questions! It was fun answering. And I know I’m a week late. Please don’t kill me if you found all too lengthyy!

1.What is commitment for you?

Loyalty is Commitment. As one of my favourite Fictional character says, ” Loyalty is a two-way street, if I’m asking for it from you then you’re getting it from me.”

Nobody knows this guy or heard this? seriously, no?

2.What is your biggest fear?

A dream where I get knocked down but I choose not to get up because I;m afraid of falling down again.

It’s a dream because it won’t happen. It won’t happen because I will never let it happen.

3.If any Hollywood star, dead or alive, could play you in a movie of your life, who would it be?

I can’t think of any. I hate ’em. They all look better than me!


4.How do you keep your content original and interesting?



Not copy-pasting it. Hehe. Actually by just presenting the amalgamation of my mind, my brain. Yeah, I consider both different. Mind in more proportion, brain less. And of course my heart.

5.What’s your favourite non-blog website?

I’m still riding. Haven’t reached 18 yet. So I legally I cannot tell you any of my favourite non-blog sites. Kidding, don’t have any favourites. But I scroll 9gag almost always.

6. Would you still blog if you knew nobody was going to read it?

Yeah, sure. That way I could even bitch about other people and nobody would know!

Jokes apart, yes I would. Definitely.

7. Why did you first start your blog, and is it the same thing that keeps you writing it now?

I just simply wanted to write! That’s all. Blogging was the first thing that popped in my brain

8. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

Turned off my Windows Firewall! Yup, no kidding. It was pretty much more than extreeemee! Phew.

A lot of things. Well. as you can see. I got lost from wordpress for more than 2 weeks! But I’ll be completely active now. Absolutely. So I’ll tell all you dear leaders about all those extreme stuff or as in Hindi, me and my friends say “Toofaanii” stuff. 🙂

9. What was the last film you saw?

Now You See Me 2. Great one! Not better than the sequel. But a good sequel.

10. What childhood toy do you still keep?

I don’t wanna sound like a lil’ kid. But almost all the toys are with me! Yeah, some are with the homeless kids living in my neighbourhood. It’s nice to see them play with it!

11. What is the scariest thing you have experienced?

I don’t remember. I’d rather say it was so scary that I erased it from my brain!


Extremely sorry! I’m very late. I got so busy with a lot of stuff here. Plus it’s ramzan so, during free time I get tired. But a little thing you can trust me one. Is that I’ll be properly regular from now on. As I also have to share several things that happened in these 2 weeks!

Thanks a tonn Aena and perfectreverie for giving me the opportunity to share about myself! Your both are awesome and please continue dazzling me with your writings!

Okay, Now I gotta nominate! But I’m already very late. So not making this post any longer. I’ll nominate more bloggers in another post with questions very tough to crack!

PS. Thank you for being patient. 

PPSS Hope your maths and physics is good! And organic chem too! I’m coming with questions very soon! 🙂



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  1. I just read this post today! Must have missed it in my notifications. It’s really fun reading your posts because of your writing style. It’s very conversational. 🙂

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