Evol- Spell it backwards I’ll show you

Same wicked Treachery in the morning,

Treachery at night;

Here Lies make way faster than light

There is no good in this battle, there is nobody right;

Nowhere is a happy being in sight

Everyone wanting to snatch other’s bite;

In this deadly hurricane,

I’m just a stranded kite.

[|I’ve been through some experiences recently, I feel like I’ve left the goodness that I had in me on the grounds of battle.|]

Thing is I have every reason to justify my wicked skills which I just used for the betterment of not just my team but everyone. But made a mistake and I basically totally antagonised myself. I believe I won’t be a better person if I don’t start putting what’s right above and what I have to do above to what is good and what I like to do. I thought it’d be easy but as a consequence, you got to lose something.

I guess its my way to do, some have said I should change;

I don’t do what’s good when it’s not right. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for people because if what I have to do is bad although right, I Don’t. I rewrite the rules in that case.


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