But..What does she know?

Something I wrote when I was in 9th grade, just found this in my 5 yr old diary. Funny thing is I always 

remembered that I wrote something like this, but I couldn’t figure out the whole story. So here I present a work done by 13 yr old me.

To be honest, it’s quite boring. It’s long but I love this one because I was surprised after reading the climax because i never thought that I could think of such a situation when I was a kid.

(Please bear in the 1458 words that that stupid guy 5 years ago wrote! If any complains, don’t blame me, curse that kid!) Kidding, please complain, suggest, give your honest feedback. I want to be nothing but get better at this!

Hope you like it!:)

A happy top of the world guy– that’s what I’ve been always called by my parents. For a couple of weeks last month, I became certain that I was the exact opposite of what my family thinks of me. My fiance would think the same about herself, we had some issues, but we both would console each other, guide each other and assure one another that we’re great and greater together. I think that’s what we do as being a couple, we know each other’s mistakes, and we try to solve it, and instead of finding out another fault, we caress each other, we try to solve it and IF we can’t, we find the most sensible and possible way to live with it. Together.

Recently I’ve been like superbusy with my work, it isn’t even near to what I was interested in but it seems quite easy, boring but easy so I was quite good at it. Me and my fiance are now trying to have a baby since more than a month. Just a few healthy sperm cells and I’ll be 3 trimesters away from becoming A Happy, Top of the world Dad!

So during these happy endeavouring days, I got a reward. A Promotion! Not just a little something that’ll change my cubicle into an office on an upper floor but the promotion that could change our lives! So I just read the letter hurriedly, thought about it for a second And I with a happy smile on my face I told my boss that I needed sometime to think.

So, as I came home that day. My beloved, in a really delighted mood was ready to get things started and planned a purely romantic gesture of a place from dinner to saying goodnight late at night. Just by seeing her beautiful food (I’m a real foodie!) and of course her wild, pretty smile I just felt like I drowned in her magic! So we had joyful enjoyment. Yes, Dinner and everything after that felt so good that I can only say that it was, “Joyful Enjoyment!”

So after midnight, she looked tired (obviously) and I frankly, was totally exhausted! Phew, and a absolutely dehydrated! But I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about the offer, we would have to move out to another city, I’d earn more than now. Money wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference because what I had here with her was priceless! You see we had a superb arrangement of our lives here. We were lovers under one roof and we work for the company in the same office so benefit of office romance! We’d leave for work, We’d have lunch at work. She is really awesome at her work, sometimes even better than me! And I thought that as she’d be getting pregnant now, it could get a whole lot of hectic and hasty to move out and set up our place at a newly different city and cumulatively our salary was more than enough to send our future kids to best of all schools! Basically after spending the whole night thinking, I decided not to tell her about all this and get her confused. Came up with a No.

Next morning, Told my boss about declining that offer. I explained my perspective to him, he’s an intimidating person; he agreed but gave an evil smile which I didn’t heed much and left. As a result I came home quite late that day, a whole lot of work. Arrived home just to see my wife waiting for me to tell me some big news. But unfortunately I was so tired that I went straight to bed and said we’ll talk tomorrow.

Woke up early next morning to see she left early. I was still weary so sat and thought about yesterday. That creepy smile my boss gave, it was freaking me out! Then I remembered my fiance telling me she wanted to give me some big news. So I sat into figuring out what it must have been and pointed the very obvious thing.

The Promotion that I rejected must have been passed onto her desk!
So I ran to the office just to find out her desk fully messed up, so I waited for her to come back. Meanwhile my boss gave me a dozen of new extra files to work upon which would consume several hours but that way I could spend my time off of her and time would pass rather quickly.

It was leaving time, almost everybody left. Just then my fiance’s associate was passing by and asked me what’s the news? I didn’t understand anything so I asked her about my fiance. She said,”She took a holiday today, didn’t you know? Oh, you again didn’t read the sticky notes she left on the table, did you?” Obviously I always forget that! She told me that my fiance was going to the gynaecologist today and she was supposed to get final reports as to she’s positively pregnant or not. Just then my I opened my phone and saw a voicemail from her saying she’s has news, she’s reached home. She sounded quite happy so I left. On my way to the exit my boss stopped me. He told me that he was waiting for an answer! I told him I gave him one, A no.

But..He corrected himself by saying that he was talking about the promotion letter given to my fiance. I was stunned to hear that but even more surprised as to why she didn’t tell me about that? Was she hiding? I left immediately and didn’t pay much attention at him.

So took a taxi, was just a few blocks ahead of my office I remembered I left my phone there so I went back consuming another half an hour. So this time I was more in a hurry. While sitting in the taxi when we were stuck in traffic I thought that maybe she should take that job. She was better than me anyway and I also was much interested in it and if we shift to another city I can find new job options so in my half an hour ride I decided to tell her to take the offer. Meanwhile I saw I had another voicemail, my fiance telling me to hurry and asking where I am. I called her back but she didn’t pick up.

Finally came home. To my surprise, the door was locked and I didn’t have my key. I called her again but she didn’t pick up. My next door neighbour opened her door and told me that my fiance left a key at their house, I asked where’d she go but they didn’t have a clue.

Opened the door, just to see whole drawing house messed up. Our room split into half, all of her clothes gone and all of her stuff, nothing there! Just when I thought I’d faint and fall on the floor, this time I looked at the table for any sticky notes. I saw a letter. Opened it.

It said she didn’t get the gynaecologist’s report and that doctor said he’d have his nurse deliver it. Then came the serious portion. It said she left me. As she got a promotion to another country which is her native land and that’s where her aunt and grandmother, her “only” family reside. She told me how hard it was for her to choose but she chose the job for the best of both of us. She wrote that the relationship wasn’t working out for her very well. If she just had told me once, I would have tried better but well.. Just while I was agonised and reading it. The nurse knocked the door and gave me the report. Well, to top it all off. The report said, that my fiance was indeed pregnant with our baby!

I guess it was all too late. How could she say that she left because that’s where her “only” family lived?!

So as she left me for her family. She didn’t just leave me alone but now made me aware that she even took my biggest family, my dream with her, not my baby but our baby with her! My whole world left me that night. It was my boss who just played a game with us. But maybe even he didn’t think that giving a choice to a person can have such big consequences.

She ended her letter saying, “This is a big opportunity for me and maybe you can find your happiness in this too. I am sorry for what I’m doing but this is not me asking for an apology. I know this, that if it were you instead of me, you would’ve done the same.”

But. How do I tell.

What does she know?


20 thoughts on “But..What does she know?”

  1. so sad you know i read from start till end reading it made me quite sad that if wanted to leave leaving suddenly and you didnt even know and by letter informing and i understand it was very emotional and the way she said you would do the same but you didnt for you she was the most important i know how hurt you must be i always thought boys are heartless as i myself had a rough time this may make you heartless about love trust but hey remember one side of it this incident told you what is important for her and that she would leave if she got a job anyway BEST OF LUCK IN LIFE I KNOW YOU WANTED TO TURN EVERYTHING TO OK BUT LIFE WILL BRING JUSTICE TO YOU AND BRING SOMEONE THAT WILL LOVE YOU MORE THAT ANYTHING i heard girls always made sacrifices but first time saw a men doing it all the best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! For reading and understanding this. Your thoughts itself show how good a person you are! Thank you!
      But you know, I wrote this when I was in 9th grade. It was 5 years ago and I had totally forgotten this. And I just don’t understand what made me, what influenced me to think about some fiction like this! Today I read it, I feel like yes, I got some imagination to be proud of. But I still don’t understand this funny point as to why a 12yr old kid like me thought of something sad like this. 🙂


    1. Woah crap! You really thought it was real?! Its quite a sad story I think but fortunately it’s not true. 🙂
      Please don’t get offended but I find it really funny! And I laughed quite enough.😂 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I read it..but I thought you meant to tell me,”even IF this is real, don’t let it mess with your head much.” But now it clarifies a lot!
          And you know what, even if this was real.. Your advice would’ve helped me a lot to get myself together! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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