Self Belief

Believe and you can be Unparalleled.

Here is my second.

So I have a jerk cousin who’s a total nerd. Actually he’s one of those cocky nerds who call themselves cleverer than other nerds(I wonder where I stand?!lol). So obviously he was ready with a future plan for his life. He’s so into the cyber world! He started phishing when he was 11, took online introductory classes to python and now has almost mastered it and he turned 16 yesterday! Man, when I was his age I used to watch Bleach whole day and then sleep like a baby!

But him, he wanted to join an IT firm since the day he saw what a desktop is and honestly, I encourage his computer

Catching to the point now. So he now seeing career options is considering to change his interests to something else as he saw that there are thousands of other people surrounding him in his city who wanna pursue computer science. So he told me how technically afraid he is after seeing how ruthless competition is around him and I told him just enough to make him consider to stop considering other options and to make him follow his passion and that’s what I’m going to tell every soul who’s in a dilemma right now!

Every year in my city 200000 traffic accidents occur that means you can be one of them anytime of the year!

  • But that doesn’t stop you from driving your bike, does it?

For ever you are you give, there are hundreds of students who are giving the same test! And hundreds of ’em who fail!

  • That doesn’t stop you from thinking that you can top this time, that you can pass it, does it?

No it never does! That is because you know that you have better skills than those 2lakh people who go through accidents!

Its because you have a belief in yourself that you’re a triumph in your own manner!

A thing that I do is that I don’t compare myself with others.

Whatever I do, from cleaning shoes to fighting a corporate case in court, I am the best!

I don’t mean to be cocky,

All the other people must be Greatest of all!

But your self belief should whisper in your ear that you are in fact slightly better than them!

That’s what all of us need!

I believe we can turn away from a battle that we didn’t choose and that we don’t need to fight.

But the war that comes ahead while in pursuit of your passion, your love that war, you have to, you need to, fight! And trust me, if you give your best, you’ll get what you deserve, A WIN!

All the external factors like in business there are investors, packages, opportunities, you don’t have all this in your control, what you do have is your work!

Every conundrum needs hardwork, you do that and you’ll have a bunch load of opportunities. But if you keep worrying about what’s never meant to be your concern, then you will lose!

And I believe to do, what I do, to win!

Believing yourself is what can bring you satisfaction because one cannot get prepared to win while secretly believing he cannot.

The very first satisfaction you get is when you believe in yourself and that belief motivates you to say,”Maybe I’ll be unable to do this but at least my conscience believes that I will.” Not just “I can” or “I might” but “I can and will indeed.” That’s the difference! 


So believe in yourself! Belief isn’t just a feeling it’s more of a weapon that you have that can make you do the miracle that didn’t exist before!

Thank you!

NOTE: I’ll be happy to take suggestions, to be honest I beg for tips to make my writing less complex, more better!


5 thoughts on “Self Belief”

  1. Hi.. you have put across the point brilliantly.. it’s ideal that you started with a real life example and how it comes down to always believing in yourself for every little thing that you do in life..looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for the motivation. I deeply admire people who think and act like you do. At least it would be great to overcome ones fears and believe more in what you can do than in what you can’t. I like your style of writing (especially the little jokes you put in!). I’ll visit you again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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